Struggling mother of two finds alternative to eight year wait for social housing

Struggling mother of two finds alternative to eight year wait for social housing


Ms A had been living in poor quality temporary accommodation in Newham for over a decade and after her second daughter arrived, the one bedroom flat became extremely unfit for the family.

However, unable to access a more suitable-sized home for herself and her children, the family lived in these cramped conditions for years. And in addition to the cramped living conditions of the property, the family were unfortunately subjected to anti-social behaviour from their neighbours.

Ms A went to her local council Newham for assistance and they referred her to Homefinder UK.


mother holding her daughter


Ms A said of the move: “My case manager was amazing at finding us a great property, in the lovely area of Telford for myself and my two daughters. As well as introducing us to any other assistance that we would need for the move, he made sure everything went ahead as quickly as possible. Prior to Homefinder UK we were stuck in a one bedroom flat, dealing with antisocial behaviour and looking at an eight year wait before we were to be rehoused. Homefinder UK has literally changed our lives. I couldn’t be more thankful!


Desperately unhappy in her current flat, Ms A told her Homefinder UK case manager that she was willing to relocate anywhere in the UK, as long as the property was more suitable than her present one. Fortunately, a two bedroom flat in Telford soon became available and when Ms A’s case manager discussed the details of this property with her, she was eager to progress with it. A virtual viewing enabled Ms A to check she was happy with the property, without the inconvenience of travelling there during Covid-19.