Property Search Process

Homefinder UK property search process

Congratulations on taking the first step to finding your ideal home. We have developed the Homefinder UK website to allow you to find homes which suit your needs.

  1. Register on Homefinder UK

When you register on Homefinder UK, your application will be automatically sent to your council/landlord, who will verify it within 21 days. Your unique Household ID (e.g. 12345) and pin (e.g.781110) will be automatically generated and shown at the end of your registration. Your Household ID and password will also be emailed to you.

  1. Verification & Points

Once your details have been verified by your council/landlord, your application will receive points. Points are determined by whether your council/landlord is a member of our scheme or not. If unsure if your member is a registered member of our scheme, contact us.

Please note, member landlords/councils reserve the right not to verify certain applicants based on their own applicant criteria. If your application has been declined by your landlord/council, you may contact them directly for more information.

Homefinder UK is unable to provide you Case Management services to assist you with your move unless your application is verified.

  1. Expressing interest on properties

Once your application has been verified by your landlord, you are able to express interest for properties you are interested in. The maximum amount of live expressions of interest you can have at any given time is 3. However, you can change any of your expressions of interest at any time until the advertising cycle for those properties ends.

Please note that you will only be able to express interest for a property size you are entitled to. For example, you will not be able to express interest for a 3 bed property if you are entitled to a 2 bed. To see popular areas of choice, read our city guides.

  1. Expressing interest for a nationwide (outside London) property 

After you express interest for a property outside London, you will be contacted by a member of our Case Management team to identify the areas you are interested in. If your landlord (council or housing association) is a member of our scheme, you are entitled to receive case management support to progress with your move. Your case manager will help you in your property search process. Read more about the help provided by our case management team.

Please note that expressing interest does NOT automatically mean that you will receive a property.

  1. Expressing interest for a London property 

There are very few properties available in London via our mobility scheme. However, when one does become available, expressing interest for a London property is a very simple and straight forward process. This is our process:

  • Simply click on the ‘Express interest’ button and your interest will go through a shortlisting process
  • If your expression of interest is one of the top 5 shortlisted at the end of the advertising cycle, your application will be sent to the relevant landlord or council, owner of the property
  • The landlord/council will contact you to arrange to discuss your interest in the property and to provide further information on the property. It is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have
  • If you are still interested, the landlord/council will need to check if the details on your application are accurate
  • If your application is accurate and processed sucessfully, you will be invited to visit the property
  • When you visit the property, you will be expected to make a decision on whether you wish to move. Therefore, it makes sense to come to the property viewing prepared. 

5a. Shortlisting of a London property

You will be shortlisted based on the length of time you have been registered with our scheme and if your local authority confirms your eligibility for our scheme. If you are in the top 6 of the shortlist, your application will be forwarded to the landlord of the property. They will contact you directly to arrange a viewing.

If you are number 1 on the shortlist, you will be the first contacted. You will be given a priority to view and accept the property providing that your reference checks are satisfactory.