1 bedroom flat to rent

Newick Road, Kirkby, L32 4TH

£ 80 pw

(£ 346 pcm)

Key facts

  • Property type Flat
  • Number of Bedroom 1 Bedroom
  • Number of Bed space 2 Bed spaces
  • area icon Area : Liverpool
  • Closing date icon Closing date : 15th July 2024
  • Tenure icon Tenure : Starter tenancy


  • Rent
    £ 75.68
  • Service charge
    £ 4.32
  • Rent frequency : Weekly

Property reference : HF2002935

If you express an interest and do not hear from us within 14 days, then you have not been successful for this property.


Advert number : HF2002935

Floor level First floor
Opening date 04/07/2024
Closing date 15/07/2024
Accessible housing category F-General Needs
Adapted No
Parking No
Lift No
Pet allowed No
Sheltered No
Stairs 0
Accessibility information Accessibility details


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