London Borough of Newham celebrates 100 moves through Homefinder UK


We're delighted to announce that the London Borough of Newham Council has joined the ranks of successful Homefinder UK members who have rehoused more than 100 homeseekers into permanent social housing.

Newham now joins Haringey, Islington, Barking & Dagenham and Lewisham councils in the ‘100's Club’.

In Newham’s 2021-2026 Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy, they outline how they will support tenants to use Homefinder UK where they are interested in moving out of borough.

Homefinder UK is honoured to continue assisting Newham in providing a fresh start for numerous households, including those who were previously stuck in temporary accommodation, sofa surfing, escaping domestic violence, living in overcrowded conditions, or facing eviction by a private landlord.

Christian Asafo-Agyei, Project & Housing Case Officer for London Borough of Newham Council says:

“London Borough of Newham Council has obtained over one hundred properties to support our clients move on via Homefinder UK. The impact has been profound, and the scheme saved the council a whooping sum of money - given the costs to house an applicant in temporary accommodation.”

Christian believes Homefinder UK’s impact is not restricted to cost savings, but to ensure housing applicants have access to adequate housing and access to basic human rights such as family life, privacy and health.

“By securing accommodation to our clients and giving them a place to call ‘home’, Homefinder UK has been one of the main drivers helping Newham to address mental and physical health issues that homelessness inflicts on families and individuals.”  

Homefinder UK’s unparalleled case management service

Our comprehensive case management service is there to assist social housing applicants like those from Newham in finding a new home. Our dedicated case managers offer guidance and support throughout the entire moving process.

When speaking about Homefinder UK’s case management service, Christian says:

“Working relations between London Borough of Newham and case management at Homefinder UK has been a great and prudent exercise. The teams attitude and working relationship is exemplary."

"They have always exhibited professionalism and their steadfastness working and ethics have also helped to translate into this London Borough of Newham’s gains. Hope to achieve more moves in the coming months.”

Our case managers can help you by communicating with applicants, identifying suitable properties, providing support with additional paperwork, and other related services. Learn more about Homefinder UK‘s comprehensive case management service.

Are you a Newham resident who needs help relocating? 

If you're a resident of Newham who requires assistance with relocation, you might be able to use Homefinder UK’s case management service to find available social housing across the country. Check if you are eligible for our case management support.