Important notice for Homefinder UK applicants: Updates to keep things running smoothly


We have some important news to share with you that will help us manage our service better. In January 2024, we are implementing a review of all registered applicants. We are doing this to ensure that our housing list represents applicants who want to move.

Homefinder UK provides a national mobility housing platform for applicants seeking affordable housing options. We currently have many applications that have not been accessed in 2 years or more. 


We are reviewing applicants so we can provide the best possible service to our remaining users. The large number of inactive applicants could be for several reasons:

  • Many people apply without realising Homefinder UK is a national mobility scheme. They don’t want to move out of their current areas (e.g. want to stay in London).
  • Some applicants are housed and forget to tell us.
  • Some applicants move into the private sector and forget to tell us.

Review process

Our team will review of all the applications in our system. As part of this process, we will identify accounts that haven't been used in over 2 years – meaning you haven't logged in or placed a bid during this time or had any contact with our caseworkers.


Timeline for review:

  • From 8th January 2024: identify cases for suspension
  • By end of January 2024: carry out inactive account suspension
  • End of July: cancel all applications which are still inactive

Stage 1: Inactive account suspension

If your account falls into the category of being inactive for over 2 years, we will temporarily suspend it. During this suspension, you will be able to login again and re-instate your application. You will also be able to choose to cancel your application if you no longer require rehousing outside your local area. 

Stage 2: Account cancellation after 6 months 

After the suspension period, if your account remains inactive for the additional 6 months, it will be cancelled from our system.

How to stay active:

To avoid suspension and potential cancellation, we encourage all applicants to log into the Homefinder UK system regularly and participate in the bidding process. This will not only keep your account active but also help you find a property.


We understand that these changes may raise questions. If you have any concerns or inquiries about the review process, suspension, or cancellation, please reach out to our customer support team through the Homefinder UK website.


We remain committed to creating a transparent, efficient, and user-friendly platform for applicants seeking affordable housing solutions. We believe that these updates will contribute to the overall improvement of our services.