Billy’s Story: Finding a permanent home outside of London through Homefinder UK - “You've really changed my life"


According to data, Britain has by far the highest rate of homelessness in the developed world, with 1 out of every 200 households living in “emergency lodging outside the formal housing sector”.  

This alarming statistic shows how severely the housing crisis is hitting British people, with temporary accommodation often plagued by substandard conditions. Additionally, the enormous financial strain that temporary accommodation imposes on local authorities exacerbates the situation. 

Billy’s Story 

An excerpt from Billy’s case manager at Homefinder UK 

“When Billy reached out to Homefinder UK, he was eager and determined to leave London in search of a better living situation. The temporary housing provided by his Local Authority had taken a toll on his mental health, leaving him feeling trapped and out of place in an environment that did not support his well-being. 

We were able to rehouse him with an accepted duty just three to four weeks after his Local Authority referred him to us. 

Billy's journey has not been easy, but he has shown incredible resilience and determination. He diligently maintained communication with both the Local Authority and the Housing Association, navigating the complexities of the housing system with perseverance and hope. His commitment to finding a permanent home where he can feel secure and supported was truly commendable. 

Recognising the urgent need for a stable and supportive living environment, Homefinder UK, in collaboration with the Local Authority, worked tirelessly to secure permanent social housing for Billy. 

We understand that this was not just about finding a place to live but about giving Billy the foundation he needed for stability and self-sufficiency.  

Throughout this process, we have been inspired by Billy's strength and determination. It has been our privilege to support him, and Homefinder UK are committed to continuing our work to help others like Billy find the permanent housing they need to lead healthy, fulfilling lives, especially in times of social housing crisis.” 

About Homefinder UK 

Homefinder UK is a non-profit scheme used by many local authorities to help permanently rehouse those from situations where they are stuck in temporary accommodation.  

Unfortunately, due to the housing crisis, affordable and available homes are often only found in certain parts of the UK. This has further shown the necessity of Homefinder UK’s mission of helping applicants find suitable housing outside their local area. 

Homefinder UK’s case managers offer personalised assistance to individuals or families during the resettlement process. They provide support with employment, education, and integration into local communities as part of the relocation. Learn more about Homefinder UK's Case Management service. 

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